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General terms & conditions

The following information is applicable to all clients / customers of DesignedBy.Scot,  FindMy.UK & Hosted.Codes

Worldwide Webhost Exclusions

The following information is not applicable to all clients & customers of Worldwide Webhost (worldwidewebhost.net), who are subject to differing legal agreement. This can be found linked from the footer of worldwidewebhost.net

Key words

Governing Body/Regulator/Registry

Entity responsible for the regulations of a key service.
This might be a traditional Regulator setup by a Government or alternatively a Non-Governmental organisation who has sole responsibility or control of a key service.

Third Party Provider/Third Party Partner

This includes both the entities mentioned above & other traditional businesses which we rely on to provide a service. Examples include an entity that provides us with SSL certificates at wholesale pricing for resale to our client’s or customers.


A client is any entity that is provided a service through us by means of a direct relationship.


A Customer includes both a client as listed above and other users of services we provide.
This could be a customer of our client on an e-commerce website for example.