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  • A UK based
  • Domain registrar
  • Hosting provider
  • Website developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Print designer

I’m Scott 🙂

A UK Based Domain registrar, Hosting provider, Website developer, Graphic designer & Print designer

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  • I’m Scott

  • A UK based

  • Domain registrar

  • Hosting provider

  • Website developer

  • Graphic designer

  • Print designer

  • A UK based

  • Domain registrar

  • Hosting provider

  • Website developer

  • Graphic designer

  • Print designer

Discover my services

  1. Domain management

    Every great idea requires the perfect domain name…

    We are a Nominet approved domain registrar, offering you direct registration and management at unbeatable prices. Get started for just £6.99 per year – that’s a fraction of what the big players charge! Plus, our domain lock feature keeps your domain safe with an extra layer of security.

  2. Cloud DNS

    Ensure your online services are easily found and deliver a smooth experience to users worldwide…

    Our Cloud DNS service provides reliable and secure domain name resolution. With our geographically distributed name servers, visitors will be directed to your website quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs, from free basic plans with our cloud services to feature-rich options for businesses with DNS DDOS protection.

  3. Edge gateway

    Unleash the power of the edge with our secure and scalable web application firewall…

    Our Edge gateway service takes care of protecting your online services by routing traffic through our distributed and security conscious web application firewall, reducing hardware costs and burden of preventing cyber security risks and DDOS attacks. Focus on your core business while we ensure your origin network remains protected from everyday risks.

  4. Edge CDN

    With access to our global network of more than 100 servers, we ensure your website’s load fast for everyone…

    Our Edge CDN service stores a cached copy of website content on 100+ servers located closer to the user, allowing access to content faster without needing to connect the origin server each time. This improves website performance, reduces load times, and ultimately creates a smoother user experience.

  5. Cloud VPS

    For when that big idea has become the next big thing, we give it the resources to flourish…

    Our Cloud VPS service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a Virtual Private Server, Including dedicated resources such as Static IP addresses & dedicated RAM, without worrying about the initial setup. Simply choose a server Location and Operating System to get started. As with our standard website hosting, 1 Gigabit data connection speed & unlimited bandwidth comes as standard.

  6. Cloud hosting

    From passion project to global empire, we offer a tailored hosting service to fit your needs…

    Trust our Cloud hosting service to provide a solid foundation, so you can focus on what’s really important – turning your dream into a reality. Our managed website hosting service is the perfect way to start without breaking the bank, our platform includes fully managed infrastructure built with you in mind. Meaning that we’ve focussed on performance the entire way through – with guaranteed speeds, resources and service reliability.

  7. Cloud mail

    Take control of your business communication with our reliable email hosting service…

    Our Cloud e-mail service offers professional email addresses using your own domain name (think hannah@yoga.com), boosting brand recognition and trust. Our secure servers and user-friendly interface ensure your messages are always safe and accessible, letting you focus on what matters most – running your business.

  8. Custom WordPress theme & plugin development

    I have designed WordPress website themes, plugins & landing pages for a number of big brands.

    My work includes animated and parallax work, game design & more. Contact me directly for a quote

  9. Graphic & print design

    Having worked with both Pontins & 48 Hour Party! on postal brochures, mailers / post cards and flyers.

    I can design print ready artwork in a matter of days, this includes working to provide direct to customer postal work. I can produce & deliver both Litho and Digital based printing directly to your door, at competitive pricing.

Previous clients

Edge Hill University
National Institute for Health and Care Research
Ainsworth & Parkinson
Britannia Hotels
Elite Venue Selection
48 Hour Party!
CM Digital Collective
Queen Bee's
The Little Beauty Company
Worldwide Webhost

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